My iPhone Application

Unfortunately discontinued due to lack of interest. I'm leaving the links up for nostalgia purposes for now.

Here is a link to my iPhone application Secure Channel

Secure Channel is a data encryption app that uses AES256 symetric encryption to allow you to encrypt arbitrary text data on iOS devices. More info over at

Interesting Links

A collection of links to sites I find interesting. The topics mostly center arount privacy and encryption applications.

Information Articles

PRISM Break  - A great collection of privacy enhancing tools and applications. (this is kind of how I initially envisioned this site)

Encryption Works  - Freedom of the Press Foundation guide to using cryptography.

Crypto Party Handbook  - A gread crowd sourced document on using common encryption tools.

Crypto Party  - A site on organizing gatherings to educate users on the use of encryption tools.

The Crypto Project - A new revived cypherpunk site

The Tor Project - A Tor page on verifying GPG signatures of files

Matasano Security - A great article on Javascript Cryptography

The Electronic Frontier Foundation - EFF Defending our rights

Essential Crypto Software - install and learn to use these

AGP - Open PGP for Android

The Tor Project - The Onion Router main website

Truecrypt - The premiere opensource drive encryption tool.

GNU Privacy Guard - The standard open source Open PGP implementation

GPG Tools for Mac OSX - Mac OS GUI tools for GNUPG

iPGMail - PGP for iOS (closed source not free) - The most thorough iOS implementation of PGP

The Guardian Project - Site for several encryption applications for Android including Orbot (Tor for Android)

Mailvelope - A browser plugin to add Open PGP functionality to major webmail providers.

Enigmail - A plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird email client that integrates GNUPG making it a bit more user freindly.

I have not tested these yet ----

Mailpile -Browser based mail client with Open PGP built in - in development

I2P - Another anonymous darknet

OTR Off the Record messaging - Encrypted instant messaging

Specification Documents - must reads for implementors

Password Based Cryptography Standard Specification (PKCS #5) - How to compute passwords from user strings

AES Specification (FIPS 197) - The Advanced Encryption Standard specification document

OpenPGP Message Format (RFC 4880) - The message format specification for GNUPG and others

Cryptographic APIs - Always use a proven API when possible to avoid common errors

Bouncy Castle - Java Cryptography

KeyCzar - Google Crypto Library

CryptLib - Peter Gutman's Cryptlib

SQLCipher - Encrypted SQLLite database by Zetetic


PGP Keyserver - Comercial PGP keyserver

MIT Keyserver - MIT Public Key Server

Website stuff

Scriptaculous - Javascript UI library

Prototype - Javascript prototypes library

Lightbox2 - really neat Javascript image display script

Jquery - The premier Javascript UI and AJAX library

Neat Web Services

Cloud9 IDE - Online IDE mostly for websites

Shift Edit - Another online IDE mostly for websites

Github - free opensource code repository

Bitbucket - Another free online code repository

Upverter - Online hardware development, schematic diagram editing

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